Georgia Crawl

Georgia Crawl emerged from the 'mid life' crisis of five chaps from the Angus, Dundee and surrounding areas of Scotland in 2004. After half a dozen gigs the keyboard player left by mutual agreement and The Crawl were at least walking!

From this not unusual start The Crawl have gone on to build a solid reputation as band able to get a crowd on their feet so a good time is had by all.

In August 2011 our ever solid and reliable drummer Archie decided to get a life and at the tender age of 64, announced his retirement from the traps. We offer Archie our heartfelt thanks for all he did for the band musically as well as logistically. As well as creating the phrase 'Blues with Rhythm' he was also our web master! Thanks Archie. 

The Crawl recruited Big Wul who has brought his vast experience with many bands, to the continued pushing toward the furthest boundaries of 'Blues with Rhythm'.  

Our next retirement (a theme developing?), was Tom the Bass in the autumn of 2011. Tom had been there from day one, giving his dependable rhythmic bottom end, tied closely to Archie. Unfortunately the real world caught him out and due to life commitments had to give us the elbow. Many heartfelt thanks are offered to Tom who was at one time in charge of transport. When that was no longer possible due to his work, he promoted himself to being in charge of lager consumption.

So recruited Donald, a big man with the dexterity and attitude to contribute to The Mighty Crawl's journey to the Carnegie Hall. (Which one you may well ask. We're not saying). 

In 2015 Donald the bass departed for better things and we recruited Steely to supply the bass for the rhythm section. 

After Steely's departure in early 2016, Ranjit joined on bass in October 2016 and Georgia Crawl was back on the road with a newly revived rhythm section.

2018 sees the introduction of several new original songs and covers being added to our set; and work has started on the next album. New videos are being added regularly to our Youtube channel and the songs from the first CD can be purchased from CD Baby